Mark Sanford Probably Even Less Popular Now, Amazingly


It’s hard to make yourself look bad, as a politician, when you’ve already admitted to jetting off to Argentina to cheat on your wife, leaving the state you govern in disarray and probably misusing taxpayer money, leading to a state ethics investigation and calls from both parties for your resignation. But then, Mark Sanford is a special man. Watch as a police officer pulls over Sanford’s driver for going 85 mph, then lets them go without a ticket because one of the least respected governors in the country was in the back of the car. We know governors probably speed all the time, heading to so-called emergencies that are actually catered lunches, but for an extra dose of hypocrisy: When basically the same thing happened to the lieutenant governor in 2006, Sanford’s office issued a statement saying that he “believe[s] very strongly that preferential treatment should never be a factor when enforcing the law.”

Sanford’s car pulled for speeding, but no ticket [State]