Mayor Bloomberg Will Likely Roll His Eyes During Tonight’s Debate


The first of two mayoral debates between Mayor Bloomberg and Comptroller Bill Thompson is tonight (at 7 p.m. on NY1), and, hopefully, something will happen that will make this campaign minimally exciting in some way. Then again, listening to the candidates, it probably won’t be. “I don’t think New Yorkers want to see the two of us fighting with each other,” Thompson says, incorrectly. “It isn’t so much a debate as it’s an opportunity for you to see two candidates side by side talking about their records and their vision for the future,” Bloomberg concurs, doing his best to make sure nobody watches. While no debate is entirely predictable, we pretty much already know what each candidate will say. And another thing we can count on: Hizzoner giving Thompson a dismissive eye-roll at some point, which Thompson may very well counter with an impassioned jab of the finger. Or, if we’re lucky enough to witness some real fireworks, multiple jabs of the finger.