Meet Your New Real Housewives of New York City: Jennifer Gilbert and Sonja Morgan


The third season of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York City will feature not one, but two new ladies, the network announced in a press release today. We still think they should have gone with this one, but Jennifer Gilbert and Sonja Morgan seem to be qualified. Let’s go through their stats:

Sonja Morgan:
Pages of Patrick McMullan Photos: 3
FameGame Rank: 3,444
Social Relations: Sonja used to be married to John Adams Morgan, whose great-grandfather was John Pierpont Morgan. Judging by the PMc photos, she also appears to have a hot boyfriend named Brian Farrell.
Previous Media Attention: She was once profiled in Quest, the society magazine, which got her fired from a hostess job at San Pietro.

Jennifer Gilbert:
Pages of Patrick McMullan Photos: 1
FameGame Rank: 18,876
Social Relations: Is couple friends with Gotham and Hamptons magazine owner Jason Binn.
Previous Media Attention: She and her husband, Bennett, were the subject of a lengthy Times wedding announcement, which detailed their long (kind of tragic, kind of sweet) courtship process.

Sonja clearly has the attitude to be on the show, but just judging superficially (and is there any other way to do it for reality television?), Jennifer looks sort of nice. That will get her nowhere on Bravo.