Min Lieskovsky Has Achieved Fame With Very Little Effort


Min Lieskovsky, the pretty young writer who attended a book party with Salman Rushdie and has since found herself on "Page Six" and the latest obsession of Gawker, has always wanted to be famous. From her essay about her fascination with models in Elle Girl:

Although my romantic life improved after adolescence, I still wanted to have my face pasted over billboards and magazine covers—to prove that everyone did find me gorgeous. It was an irrational desire, but one I think many women share. We watch America's Next Top Model with only semi-ironic interest, and pose with sucked-in cheeks before the bathroom mirror. Unlike acting, music, or politics, modeling is about luck—in looks, and then the luck of being showered with attention and fortune. And while, with a Harvard diploma, I had entrée to a career of my choice, there was something very attractive about the idea of achieving fame with very little effort."

Well, she can consider it achieved. Yay?

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