Monserrate Committee Lacks Latinos and Legitimacy, Opponents Say


To the surprise of no one, state senator Ruben Diaz Sr. has come out in full force against the bi-partisan committee looking into how to deal with Hiram Monserrate. In a statement released earlier today, Diaz questioned the impartiality of Democratic conference leader John Sampson and any and all Republicans, while also noting the blatant absence of any Hispanic senators on the committee. Diaz concludes that the committee is only out to “settle the score” with Monserrate over the Senate coup he took part in. Which is probably kind of true! Meanwhile, Monserrate’s allies are claiming that the committee lacks jurisdiction because the crime in question took place before he was a member of the State Senate. That’s a pretty weak argument — he was just found guilty of misdemeanor assault last week, remember? — but then again, Monserrate has been surprisingly successful with weak arguments so far.

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