New York Times Joins Media War Against Albany


The New York Post and Daily News have been waging direct war for years against the corrupt, stagnant political system in Albany. Using a combination of editorial and reported content (Like Fred Dicker’s scathing attacks in the Post, and the News“State of Shame” series), they’ve made it their stated goal to vote out nearly everyone in state politics and replace them with fresher, more honest pols. And now, the New York Times has joined in with a new project they announced yesterday called “Failed State.” “In coming weeks, we will outline some of the ways this inbred system allows so many lawmakers to abuse the public trust, and how new faces in Albany could change it,” the editorial team wrote. “Our goals are to make a once-respected state run better and more openly, to make elections fairer and more competitive, and to create a more ethical government with tougher rules and real enforcement.”

If only we believed that the anger of the reading masses translated into election results in New York’s gerrymandered, local-party-controlled districts, we’d have some hope that this latest effort would have a shot of actually shaking up Albany.

Fed Up With Albany [NYT]