No One Watches CNN Anymore


On any given night there are more people watching Fox News and MSNBC than CNN. Breaking news, right? But would you have guessed that more people watch HLN, CNN’s headline-y sister network, than the originator of 24-hour news? That leaves CNN dead last among cable news networks when it comes to prime time ratings. And it doesn’t take John King’s magical screen to know that dead last is not good.

This is CNN’s punishment for airing “news” while Fox, MSNBC and HLN put on lunatics screaming at the camera. The only CNN show from 7 - 10 to not finish in last place was Larry King Live, which finished third, ahead of HLN’s new Joy Behar show. Looks like it’s time to listen to Ted Turner, and turn CNN into the China News Network.

CNN Drops to Last Place Among Cable News Networks [Media Decoder/NYT]