Obama Needs to Nominate Some Judges, Says Everyone


Obama just can’t win. Both Republicans and Democrats are upset with him over the lack of progress made on judicial appointments. The left is criticizing Obama for blowing his chance to fill federal courts with progressives and for not fighting for the judges he has nominated (so far only three of his 23 nominations have been confirmed). Republicans, on the other hand, say Obama isn’t giving the judiciary the importance it deserves, evident by the fact that he’s nominated only 23 judges in the same amount of time George W. Bush nominated 95. The White House insists that it’s going to turn it around on the judiciary front and act fast to fill the 90 vacant judicial seats on appellate and district courts. But first it has to figure out Afghanistan, reform health care, overturn don’t ask, don’t tell, reduce unemployment and convince Chuck Todd to shave his goatee (so cute!). [Washington Post]