Obama Holds Hands With Jon Corzine


President Obama was in New Jersey today holding hands with and drumming up support for Jon Corzine. The New Jersey Democrat is the first incumbent governor to seek reelection since Obama became president and his success or failure will, fairly or not, be regarded as Obama’s success or failure. In front of a crowd of 3,000, Obama talked about how Corzine helped mitigate the effects of the financial crisis by maintaining education and health care funding and launching the first state stimulus plan.

“For the last four years, you’ve had a leader who’s put the interests of hardworking New Jersey families ahead of the special interests,” Obama said, adding that Corzine is one of the “best partners I have in the White House.” Obama also acknowledged that “folks are hurting,” a comment Corzine’s opponent Chris Christie quickly seized upon. “The president is right, these are awful times in New Jersey,” he said. “I just think Jon Corzine is not the solution.” Sounds like someone wants to lock fingers with the president.

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