Old Mayor Joins New Mayor to Bash Prospective Mayor


Michael Bloomberg spent his Sunday like you wish you spent yours, palling around the city with Rudy Giuliani. Their day started at a breakfast sponsored by the Jewish Community Council in Borough Park, where Rudy raised the specter of fear (one of his favorite hobbies) over the possible election of Bill Thompson. Before Bloomberg, Rudy said, many in the city were gripped by “the fear of going out at night and walking the streets… It could very easily be taken back to the way it was with the wrong political leadership.”

The comments didn’t sit well with Thompson, whose campaign took a nice shot at America’s Mayor and said he was trying to scare voters. “This is a tired Republican campaign tactic — scare people into voting by threatening their personal safety,” said Anne Fenton, a spokeswoman for the Thompson campaign. “It didn’t work for Rudy Giuliani during his abysmal presidential bid [Note: BURN!], and it’s not going to work for Mike Bloomberg this year.”

After breakfast, Rudy and Mike marched in the Howard Beach Columbus Day parade in Queens. Then they swung by the Empire 25 and shared a large popcorn at a late showing of Where the Wild Things Are. So good. [NYT]