Oprah Winfrey Will Host Sarah Palin


During Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, she received flak from critics for not hosting former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin on her show. Oprah had obviously publicly endorsed Palin’s rival, Barack Obama, but she maintained that Palin’s team had never asked her to put the Alaska governor on the show. (Matt Drudge stoked this controversy on his website back in September of 2008, shortly after McCain tapped Palin as his running mate.) But now Oprah, the queen of daytime television, has decided it’s time to let Palin speak to her audience. She’ll host the conservative pundit on November 16, the day before her book, Going Rogue: An American Life, hits the stands. The book is already No. 4 on Amazon.com’s best-seller list, so perhaps Oprah isn’t concerned that having her on the show will make a big difference in her sales or influence either way. No matter how you feel about Palin, or Winfrey, this is going to be a great piece of television. Palin’s been boning up on all her talking points and facts, and you can bet SarahPAC has paid for some pricey media training. But if Palin thought Katie Couric’s “sensitive interview” style was tough, she has no idea what she’s got coming — in front of a live studio audience that worships at the altar of Oprah, no less.

Oprah Winfrey to interview Sarah Palin [AP]