Paterson: ‘I Think I Can Beat Mayor Giuliani’


After getting the ultimate undermining from the president of the United States, David Paterson has taken a nearly two-week ego-repair tour — and yesterday’s state Democratic Party fall conference was just another stop along the way. Addressing reporters, Paterson attacked Rudy Giuliani, who hasn’t announced his candidacy for governor next year, but whose name has been steadily bandied about. “Mayor Giuliani said two weeks ago that we made reckless decisions with finances,” Paterson said, defending the budget cuts he’s pushed for. “Why doesn’t he tell us exactly what he would have done? … He’s not bringing any new ideas.” And then he just came right out and said it. “I think I can beat Mayor Giuliani!” It probably felt a little good to just get that out there, some positive affirmation. Which is why it had to sting when, during his keynote speech to the party, he triumphantly said: “Fellow Democrats, I am running for governor of the State of New York!” … and only a few people stood up to applaud.

Paterson Says He’s Sure He Can Beat Giuliani, if It Comes to That [NYT]