People Only Like Joe Biden When He’s Making a Fool of Himself


You know who hasn’t really been in the news that much over the past six months or so? A certain Mr. Joseph Robinette Biden, vice-president of the United States. Sure, he pops up every once in a while to make a boring, easily overlooked speech, like the one he’s giving today about the opening of a new auto plant in Delaware. Sometimes we hear about his involvement in foreign-policy debates. And when President Obama sits down with adversaries over a beer, Biden will join so the white guy doesn’t feel outnumbered.

But what he has noticeably not been doing is grabbing headlines with hilarious and entertaining gaffes. Like that time he told everyone not to take public transportation, or when he said the stimulus had a 30 percent chance of not working. Oh man, those were classic. And though those foot-in-mouth moments embarrassed the administration, they brought joy to households all over America, and people loved Biden for them. Which is why, now that Biden has attained some self-discipline and forsaken our desire to laugh at his expense, more Americans have an unfavorable opinion of him than ever before, according to the latest Gallup poll. It may not be fair, but that’s showbiz.

Biden’s Favorable Rating Plunges [Political Wire]