Rent Is Too (Damn) High Party Has Falling Out With Its Own Candidate


The Rent Is Too Damn High Party, formerly a political juggernaut, is coming apart at the seams. First, the Board of Elections took the word “damn” off the ballot, either because the name was too long (their explanation), or because it offended them morally (McMillan’s explanation), or because they think McMillan is an anti-Semite (McMillan’s alternate explanation). Now the party’s leadership (McMillan) has cut ties with half the candidates running on the party line this November. And by half, we mean that one other guy, Salim Ejaz.

Ejaz was a Democratic comptroller also-ran before settling for RITDH, but yesterday he asked McMillan to remove his name from the party’s funkadelic website because he (along with others) believes a report it contains on Brooklyn housing practices is anti-Semitic. McMillan himself became upset when Ejaz revealed that he was actually glad that the Board of Elections removed the word “damn,” at which point it became clear that this relationship could never be repaired. McMillan has now endorsed Democrat John Liu, likely propelling the candidate for comptroller to victory.

A Damn dispute: Rent is Too Damn High Party tells its nominee Salim Ejaz to get lost [NYDN]