Scientology Spokesman Showed Up at ABC Headquarters Demanding Re-Cut


Ah, Tommy Davis, the almost adorably entitled Scientology spokesman we met this week when he threw a temper tantrum and stormed off the set of a Nightline interview with Martin Bashir after being asked to clarify what he called “disgusting perversions” about the god Xenu — apparently either learning about Xenu costs money or Xenu doesn’t like to be talked about, we’re still not sure — is in a “Page Six” item today. It seems the elegantly coiffed smug little man of indeterminately Botoxed age showed up at ABC’s New York headquarters last week just 45 minutes before his Nightline interview was set to air, demanding to speak with Bashir. Security ushered him out, but not before he probably yelled something like “Well, I never!” We’re kind of starting to like this guy.

Scientology Flack Strikes Out [NYP]