Scientology Spokesman Storms Out of Nightline Interview


One would think an official spokesperson for Scientology would know enough about Martin Bashir’s particular brand of ambush interview to never agree to be in the same room with the Nightline correspondent ever for any reason, but one would be wrong. As part of a special Nightline investigation into the religion, Bashir interviewed spokesperson Tommy Davis. All was well until Bashir asked Davis a pretty basic question about Xenu, and he flipped out, claiming that asking a question like that was extremely offensive to Scientology members. It’s kind of a genius strategy, actually, since nobody wants to offend anyone! When Bashir was like “What?” and tried to reframe the question, Davis got up, dramatically removed his microphone, and walked out of the interview in the most indignant Scientologist way possible. Presumably, Bashir can get his question answered just by dropping by the Celebrity Centre and buying five hundred thousand dollar’s worth of classes. The good part starts exactly three minutes in.