Sharon Stone’s New Turn-on: Gardening


If you’re wondering what Sharon Stone has been up to recently, here’s your surprising answer: gardening. The actress, who only appeared in two films last year and one this year, apparently has a lot of free time on her hands, and when we caught up with her at the Hamptons International Film Festival, she recommended it as a hobby: “What I am finding is that when you start to really clear old, dead things and really take that time to take away the old stuff and organize a garden and clear out and get in the dirt and weed things out and then see the new stuff that’s coming up and move things around, this time that you take that actually takes some labor and is meditative and organized with nature, you can get yourself in a harmonious place,” she explained, and it really did sound like one sentence the way she said it. “It lines your body, mind, and spirit up in a way, particularly when you’re trying to get yourself in your creative work,” she added. “It gets you in the right harmonious place.” Harmony. Got it.