SNL Turns on Obama


Ah, the pleasures of being President Obama. Literally everything he does is blasted by the right, from reforming health care (government takeover!) to ending torture (terrorist sympathizer!) to speaking to schoolchildren about doing their freakin’ homework (brainwashing!). To them, Obama’s every move is radical and unprecedented. And then you have the left, which looks at Obama’s time in office so far and sees hesitancy and too little action. Or, as SNL framed it in a scathing opening sketch this weekend, Obama has accomplished “nothing.” Not all of their critiques hold water — global warming has already begun to be addressed, and come on, did they actually expect all our troops to be out of Iraq already? Really? — but the general feeling that the Obama administration hasn’t been as wondrous and magical as hoped for is becoming increasingly prevalent among liberals these days, we’d bet. (By the way, is it just us or is Fred Armisen not even trying to sound like Obama anymore?)