Someone Has Gone Through the Trouble of Making a Balloon Boy Halloween Costume


We know you’ve been racking your brains trying to come up with a topical Halloween costume that will cleverly communicate your awareness of current events. But if that’s proving too hard, you could just go with the obvious choice and dress up as Balloon Boy, a task made infinitely easier by a company selling a Balloon Boy costume kit for just $20. The kit includes a shiny helium balloon complete with a hatch at the bottom, and, in case somebody still fails to understand the reference, a name-tag sticker on which you can write “Falcon.” Now people will know you’ve been exposed to the news in the past two weeks! The best part about dressing up as Falcon, though, is that when you get drunk and vomit on yourself later in the night, you can pretend it’s all part of the costume, and instead of people being disgusted, they’ll respect you for your devotion to authenticity.

[Plantraco Microflight via CNBC]

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