Someone in Your Office Is Probably Doing It With Someone Else in Your Office


Maybe they’re not doing it in the office. Maybe they’re not doing it right this second. But definitely, some pair of people, like maybe that girl from sales, and that random tech guy, are totally boning. And if you don’t know about it, you are probably an idiot,* according to The Wall Street Journal, which looks at David Letterman and John Ensign’s affairs and uses them to make this important point.

Both of today’s stories serve as examples of how office affairs are often the worst-kept secret in any workplace. Such affairs aren’t uncommon; I have posted in the past on how the office has now become the No. 1 place for meeting a mate, and how that raises uncomfortable issues for co-workers who don’t like romance intruding on office life.

Anyway, that’s the big takeaway from all this. That’s what we’ve learned. Co-workers sometimes have sex, and it can be awkward. It makes you wonder: Where did we all get our common-sense wisdom before celebrities?

Letterman Affairs: Office Dalliances Often Worst-Kept Secret [WSJ]

Like us! We are always the last to know these things. Co-workers, you have our IM address. Give up the info..