Spanking Fetishists Go Green Tonight in Brooklyn


The Babeland events page is always a source of laughs (oh, to be a fly on the wall at the "Dirty Talk" class!). No matter how many jokes they make about events like "The Wonderful World of Lube" and "A Walking Tour of the Clitoris," it's still all just so earnest. Tonight at the Brooklyn branch of the postmodern sex shop, spanking enthusiasts in need of a new, environmentally friendly weapon can go green for just a $5 materials fee:

Kinky Crafts: DIY Floggers: There's now a kinky upside to having a flat! Come to Babeland to find out how to make your very own flogger using recycled bike tires. All materials will be provided and you'll leave the store with one of your very own. *Smack*

It boggles the mind that anyone can't just figure out by his or herself how to hit someone's backside with a floppy old flat tire, but if anyone goes, please take pics.

[Babeland via Skint]