Ted Turner: My Millions Were ‘Kind of Like a Joint’


Ted Turner's interview with Bloomberg TV, the one in which he says he wishes he was still in charge of CNN, came out today. In it, he discussed nostalgically the times when he did have the money to throw himself into any project he wanted:

"If you were around at the time, I gave everybody a hundred thousand dollars if they came up with anything," Turner said. "I just couldn't hold onto it. I wanted to keep it moving. I get a dollar, I give it to you, you spend it, somebody else gets it. You know, pass it around. You know, it's kind of like a joint — you just pass it around, light it up, you know, share with your friends."

Aw. And there you have it: Why everybody loves philanthropic billionaires. And potheads.

Turner Lost CNN, Fonda, Fortune, Feels ‘Like a Dummy’ [Bloomberg]