Texas Still Loves George W. Bush


The press wasn’t allowed to attend George W. Bush’s motivational speaking debut in Fort Worth last night, but some guy with a camera was. The two and a half minutes of shaky footage below captures event organizer Tamara Lowe introducing Bush, followed by more than a minute of sustained applause and the beginning of Dubya’s remarks. It only rolls long enough to catch the “Don’t mess with Texas” pablum but you’re not missing much. (The rest of speech went on to cover Oval Office rug selection.) The most remarkable thing from this clip is how pumped the crowd is. Let’s let rwhite79, who shot and uploaded it to YouTube, explain:

the fact that you can’t hear his intro and she has to yell tells you how loud it got in there. Not 1 person was seated….awesome to see the people of Texas give such a great reception for him

People really do love this guy, don’t they?