Thompson and Bloomberg Neck and Neck, Claims Probably Wrong Thompson Poll


The gap between Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Comptroller Bill Thompson is closing! Among likely voters, it’s down to just 8 percent, and among voters who claim they’re definitely going to vote, just 3 percent! Thompson is leading among Hispanic voters for the first time, despite Bloomberg’s somewhat impressive proficiency in Spanish! All this according to a questionable internal Thompson poll, the results of which sharply diverge from other recent polls showing Bloomberg up by 16 and 18 points among likely voters. But perhaps there’s just been a lot of movement over the past couple of days. Yeah, that’s probably it. Oh, wait. A new Marist poll that was literally just released has Bloomberg up by 15. Weird coincidence how the only poll showing Thompson within striking distance came from the Thompson campaign.

Today’s Tip Sheet: Thompson’s Own Poll Finds a Closer Race [City Room/NYT]