Tim Geithner’s Life Is Much Worse Than We Think


No one said it was going to be easy, but Tim Geithner was not prepared for the extent to which his life would suck after becoming the secretary of the Treasury during the Worst Financial Crisis Since the Greatest Depression™. Whether he's being ripped for every single one of his economic-policy plans or suffering the indignity of being asked by Charlie Rose about his wrinkles, every day this year he has woken up and found himself in a fresh version of hell. But don't take it from us, take it from Tim.

Geithner said reports of his 100-hour work weeks don’t do justice to his new routine. “There is no typical day and it’s so much worse than you think,” Geithner said.

How much worse? Like would he say its Cuban-Missile-Crisis-worse or being on the cover of Star's Grossest Beach Bodies worse? Unclear, but you should ask Tim if you happen to run into him; clearly he's okay with talking about his feelings.

Geithner Says Commercial Real Estate Woes Won’t Spark Crisis [Bloomberg]