Tracy Anderson ‘Got the Disease People Get When They’re Next to Big Stars’


Jacob Bernstein's look into the dissolved relationship between Madonna and her former trainer Tracy Anderson found it was less about personal and business scandals, and more about just plain big egos:

“She got the disease people get when they’re next to big stars and they think they’re a star too,” says the source close to Madonna, adding that Anderson had also been “complaining constantly” on the tour about things like her accommodations and perks, which she felt should be less like other personnel and more like Madonna’s. It’s as if she went from Indiana — where everyone treated her like a celebrity — to being a service worker for real celebrities and realized neither position was as satisfying as being the celebrity yourself.

We've heard about this "disease people get when they’re next to big stars," but we for sure thought it wasn't something that made your business shrivel up and die.

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