Beneath Hillary Clinton’s Laughter, There Is Pain and Sadness


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presided over a session of the United Nations Security Council yesterday, and after giving a speech about the protection of women around the world, engaged in a bit of lighthearted self-mockery that had diplomats rolling in the aisles:

At the end of the speech, Clinton said: “I resume now my function as president of the council.”

I kind of like being a president,” she added as diplomats burst into laughter.

So this may go on a little longer than anticipated!” Clinton said, as applause filled the council chamber.

Heh. It’s funny because she wanted nothing more than to be the real president, the most powerful person in the world, but she lost, so now she’s clinging to this temporary, rotating, and, by coincidence, similarly titled position. That’s funny, right?

Hillary Clinton likes being president for a day [AP via Google]