Vice Goes Back to the Nineties


Vice is celebrating their fifteenth anniversary with a special, 1994-themed issue, which contains an essay by Sassy editor Christina Kelly on My So-Called Life and adorable quaint nuggets about the olden times such as this:

"The Lower East Side of Manhattan is not a fashionable destination. Populated primarily by dive bars, nodding junkies, and boarded-up storefronts, the thought of anything even remotely related to trendiness, fancy clothes, or art happening down here would be pretty hard to believe."

They're also spending nineties-style money, and holding a $250,000 warehouse Halloween party for 1,800 people October 31. Unfortunately, it's in Williamsburg, which was decidedly uncool in the nineties, but we can't expect them to get all of the details right. After the jump, here is an extremely nineties photo of Intel Jessica and her high-school boyfriend that is too absurd not to share.

Ludlow Street, Mon Amour [Vice]


Bethany Leibman

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