Candidate for Governor of Virginia Targets Bloomberg’s Yankee-Mobster Meddling


The Great Second Amendment Grudge Match of 2009 is back on! Virginia gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell has released a new ad portraying himself as the South’s defense against the scary, liberal Hun invader from the North trying to take away their constitutional right to sell guns illegally to potentially dangerous people — Mayor Bloomberg. Indeed, Bloomberg has worked to close the gun-show loopholes that provide firearms to pretty much anyone who wants one — even people who plainly state that they couldn’t pass a background check. (In fact, Bloomberg is releasing the findings of a new multi-state undercover sting operation today.) Not surprisingly, as with any Yankee-hating TV ad worth its salt, this one also features a stereotypical Italian to contrast with the wholesome, God-fearing Anglo-Saxons of Virginia.

Mob-themed NRA spot attacks Bloomberg, boosts McDonnell [Politico]