We’re Sorry, But ‘Bone Me, I’m the Meat Manager’ Is Hilarious


As a waitress who was frottaged daily by a restaurant manager at 15, we don’t find sexual harassment in the workplace particularly amusing. And there’s nothing funny about most of the complaints filed by Jessica McCarthy against her manager at Western Beef in Staten Island. Of course it was horrible of him to say things like, “Are you scared of my [penis]? Don’t you need a man?” after she told him she was a lesbian, and to relegate her to crappy shifts after she complained. But the fact that said manager had a laminated sign that said, “Bone Me, I’m the Meat Manager” on his wall? That’s just hilarious, and we’re not entirely convinced it should be entered into evidence. Fight sexual harassment, not humor!

Meat wrapper’s ‘beef’ with boss [NYP]