Who Will Help the Unemployed Twins?


Everybody seems to be talking about the Times piece this weekend about Kristy and Katy Barry, the bighearted blonde twins from Ohio who just can’t figure out why they can’t get jobs other than bartending, no matter how many milkweed seeds they wish on! It’s an intensely entertaining and often hilarious article that everyone should read and come to his or her own conclusions as to how mean the Times is for publishing it (on a scale of mercenary to sadistic), but we have this one nagging question! It’s not “Will the twins get jobs?” but “Will the guy who manages the tomato canning plant and keeps Kristy and Katy in free tomatoes, olive oil, and coconut milk get fired for stealing?” The Times actually used his name! We’re wishing on as many milkweed seeds as are necessary that that poor guy doesn’t get thrown under a bus for feeding those twins. [NYT]