Why Is Astoria So Hilarious?


The Times has discovered that many stand-up and improv comedians live in Astoria, partially because of safety and low rents. Also, they suspect, it’s because Astoria is hilarious!

Andy Hendrickson, who performs at comedy clubs across the country, tells this one: “I live in Astoria, which is great because anytime you need something you can just wish for it and it shows up on the curb. I got a nice TV just sitting on the curb on my block. I was leaving the house to look at DVD players. I walked out of my apartment and there was a DVD player sitting on the curb. I took it, went right back in. Still works perfectly. Thanks, magic curb! One time, I was headed out to get something to eat and I walked outside. Turkey sandwich. Thanks, magic curb!”

Eh. Maybe it’s just the safety and low rents.

Anybody Here From Astoria? [NYT]

Eh. Maybe it’s just the safety and low rents.

Anybody Here From Astoria? [NYT]