Advance Car in Biden Motorcade Crashes in New York


For the third time in two weeks, a car in Vice-President Joe Biden’s motorcade was involved in an accident. This incident took place last night in Hell’s Kitchen as an advance team of marked police cars traveled about three minutes ahead of the vice-president to the Daily Show studios on Eleventh Avenue. One cop car collided with a livery cab, putting three men in the hospital — though none with serious injuries. Just the day before, a sheriff’s vehicle in Biden’s entourage traveling through Albuquerque was hit by a car trying to cut through an intersection that was blocked by the motorcade. The sergeant in that accident was injured, but it was last week’s incident that was the most dire: A man in Maryland was killed when he was hit by two Secret Service cars, one of which was sometimes used by Biden. The vice-president himself was not present at the time.

Police Car Ahead of Biden Crashes [NYT]