Anthony Marshall Hopes to Avoid Jail Time Because He Handled His Mother’s Money So Well


Eighty-five-year-old Anthony Marshall hopes to avoid imprisonment by appealing to a judge for leniency, according to the Post. The only charge for which Marshall was convicted that carried a mandatory jail sentence was the first-degree grand larceny charge, in which the jury decided he was guilty of stealing $1.4 million when he retroactively paid himself for managing his mother, Brooke Astor’s, accounts. His lawyers plan for a motion to dismiss this charge. Their argument? That he was such a good manager of the society doyenne’s money that he deserved the salary increase. This from a man who was convicted of illegally redirecting millions of dollars (that Mrs. Astor had intended to go to charity) to himself.

The Post compares this tactic to “the guy who kills his parents and then begs for leniency because he’s an orphan.” Which at first we thought was a bit of a stretch. But then we just realized it was an excuse to Photoshop Marshall into an Annie wig, which is pretty much genius. Especially because with that hair, he really does look like his mommy.

Astor son makes galling mercy bid [NYP]