At Least One NYC Blogger Hates the Blueprint Cleanse


Dorothy McGivney, editor of the popular New York travel site, recently undertook the Blueprint Cleanse, the $195, three-day juice cleanse that every woman in the city seems to have done in the past year, and this week she posted her comprehensive review: she hated it. McGivney describes three hellish days of low energy, headaches, crying jags, and after-effects that left her messed up for weeks. Our favorite part was her pre-emptive defense of the moment when she claims the cleanse made her burst into tears:

"At this point, I'm sure someone from the World of Cleanses would likely tell me that I was going through some emotional purge, but I know what I was experiencing: a nutritional deficit."

An "emotional purge"! So that's the handy explanation cleanse-devotees use to describe what we've observed during the past cleanse-crazed year, which is a bunch of our female friends suddenly, one by one, turning into, well, to be polite, let's just say "cranky zombies" for three-day periods, and then returning to normal a week later, a phenomenon that led us to the conclusion that "She's on a cleanse" is the new "She has PMS." They were just having "emotional purges"!

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