Barbara Walters on Interviewing Sarah Palin


At this very moment, legendary ABC newswoman Barbara Walters is sitting down to interview former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. So we were a little surprised to see her last night at a Time-sponsored panel to debate who should be the magazine’s Person of the Year. Inspired by her resilience, we later followed Walters to the coatroom, where she exhaustedly told fellow panelist Rudy Giuliani that she needs to go home and look at the questions for the 118th time. When we asked her about them, she said they mostly concerned Going Rogue, Palin’s book. “We’ve been doing questions all week, writing them, rewriting them, boiling them down,” she said. “I think we started a week ago.” She said we’d have to “watch and see” how her interview is going to be different from Oprah’s, which is coming sooner. “We have different ways of interviewing, we may be more political, we may be more journalistic in that sense,” she explained. “From what I understand, Oprah did not do very much politics.” Then we asked her the question we know is on everyone’s mind: Is she going to make Sarah Palin cry? “That’s enough, thank you,” she said, starting to turn away but then turning back to ask icily, “When was the last time you saw me interview anyone who cried?”