The View From Stephen Colbert’s Window


Everyone sees New York in a different way, and much of our experience of the city is informed by the ordinary sights we see every day. For his new illustrated book, The City Out My Window, artist Matteo Pericoli asked 63 prominent New Yorkers to allow him into their lives to draw the image of the city they see every day: the views from their windows. According to Pericoli, the resulting line drawings — which depict such varying sights as the view from Graydon Carter’s Vanity Fair office and the fire escape a book editor regards from his tiny studio — are “not so much about what’s outside the window,” Percoli tells Daily Intel, as a rendering of the picture inside the viewer’s mind. “It basically shows you the brain of the person.” To get the initial images, Pericoli, who describes himself as “awkward,” visited the homes or offices of his subjects, most of whom he didn’t know, to take photographs and ask them a little about their day-to-day lives. In the following slideshow, Pericoli tells us about his experience with Gay Talese, Stephen Colbert, and three others.