Carter Glatt Would Already Be a Mogul If It Weren’t for the ‘Kid Factor’


Carter Glatt, a 16-year-old junior at Horace Mann whose family owns a home in Southampton, had the brilliant idea of coming up with a Hollywood-esque Star Map for the Hamptons, to help visitors locate the hedgerow-encircled homes of celebrities like Christie Brinkley and Howard Stern. But his business hasn't quite taken off, because store owners in the Hamptons, beholden to their celebrity clients, have refused to carry it. Also, as Carter told The New Yorker, he suspects they are prejudiced against him.

“There is definitely a kid factor,” Glatt said. “No one told me, ‘You know, you’re sixteen, I can’t do this.’ But I did get that kind of vibe from some people.”

Happily, it's the 21st century, so instead of being forced out of business by the Establishment like he might have been in the past, Carter was able to make his product available the same place cheap porn and offshore gambling are traded: online.

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