Chris Christie Elected New Jersey Governor


Republican Chris Christie has upset Jon Corzine and will be the new governor of New Jersey, according to the AP and the Times. With 75 percent of precincts reporting Christie had 50 percent of the vote to Corzine's 44 percent. Independent Chris Daggett had five percent.

According to the Times, Republican party chair Michael Steele is on his way to Christie HQ to celebrate the victory. Also there to help celebrate — the B Street Band, "the original Bruce Springsteen cover band." He's going to be good at this.

Republican Christie captures NJ governor's seat [AP]

Update 11:45: President Obama had a lot riding on a Corzine win and Christie's victory has invited the opposition to pile on. Glenn Reynolds starts it off at the Post:

"That makes Obama’s health-care "reform" package look iffy and his other big plans for remaking America look even iffier. With the hope having faded, enthusiasm for change seems much diminished. From a mythic figure, Obama has shrunk to an ordinary politician — and, so far, not an obviously deft one."

Dan Balz at the Washington Post doesn't think it's as bad for Obama as Reynolds does, but he still thinks it's bad:

"Neither gubernatorial election amounted to a referendum on the president, but the changing shape of the electorates in both states and the shifts among key constituencies revealed cracks in the Obama 2008 coalition and demonstrated that, at this point, Republicans have the more energized constituency heading into next year's midterm elections."