Cops Impressed by Creativity of Pot Dealer


The guys on the force have seen their share of marijuana innovations: baked into brownies, of course, tossed with pasta and a fruity olive oil, rolled into the biggest joint ever, but they've never seen anything like the shots of "liquid marijuana" that Anthony Brioridy of Bensonhurst was selling for $120 a pop, a four-ounce dose of which was "stronger than one marijuana cigarette," according to the Times. And they have to say, they're impressed.

"It has not been seen around here before," Capt. Gerard Dowling of Manhattan South narcotics marveled.

If he worked in financial products this kid might have a real future! Alas, while liquid marijuana is wildly innovative, it is still illegal, and Brioridy now faces 22 counts of drug dealing.

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