Costume Designer Eric Daman Believes Sex Is Better Than Ritalin


Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman, the evil genius who masterminded Chuck Bass’s look and invented the Cleavage Rhombus, had a few things to say about the Parents Television Council’s war against the show’s impending threesome plotline. “So, it’s okay for them to be doing blow and drinking Scotch when they’re 18, but it’s not okay for them to be having a threesome?” the designer, resplendent in a Bass-worthy skinny suit, knee-high patent leather boots, and scarf told us at last night’s party for his new style book, You Know You Want It, at the Gramercy Park hotel. “What is this society that we’re living in where sex is worse than teenage drinking?” We started to say that if the PTC had their druthers, they’d probably nix the cocktail quaffing along with the ménage à trois, but we were slow from the Champagne cocktails, and the designer (who noted that he frequently tweaks hemlines and necklines to make the characters’ outfits more “TV-appropriate”) was on a roll. “Sex is good! People who are enjoying each other — that’s much better than people who are ostracized and have to feel bad or have to be on Ritalin or something.” True — although we would totally watch that show, too.