Could Hillary Clinton Replace Joe Biden on the Ticket in 2012?


That’s the latest “hot rumor” making the the rounds in Washington, according to U.S. News’ Paul Bedard. Of course, the “hotness” of this rumor has to be taken with an enormous grain of salt — maybe the biggest grain of salt you’ve ever seen, the kind that could be a roadside attraction in northern Pennsylvania — as Hillary is, at any given time, rumored to be eyeing some job other than the one she currently holds. The logic behind the latest scuttlebutt is that Biden would be “too old” to run for president in 2012 (he’d be 70 by the time he took office; Hillary would be 65), and, as we’ve noted, Hillary’s denials about wanting to run for president again are less than airtight. Plus, she’d likely be a bigger boost to President Obama than Joe Biden, since she’s now incredibly popular — and Lord knows he might need a boost. Not to mention, the transition should be easy, since Hillary has already begun to embrace Biden’s ceremonial role as the master of gaffes.

Could Hillary Clinton Replace Biden as Obama’s VP? [Washington Whispers/U.S. News]