Democrat Wants Geithner To Resign Too


Republicans aren't the only ones who'd like to see Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner thrown out onto the White House lawn. Oregon Democratic representative Peter DeFazio spoke with the Wall Street Journal today and said Geithner needs to get lost, the same thing Republican Kevin Brady said to the secretary's face earlier today.

WSJ: Why do you think Geithner should resign?

Rep. DeFazio: “I just do not feel that his orientation is other than Wall Street, and has not been other than Wall Street, and will not be other than Wall Street. And quite frankly all the gambling on Wall Street is doing nothing to put people back to work in America and rebuild our economy.”

DeFazio said he's conveyed his message to the White House, specifically to Rahm Emanuel, whose gym locker is right next to DeFazio's.

Q&A: Oregon Democrat DeFazio Calls for Geithner’s Resignation [WSJ]