Dominic Carter Kicked Off Delta Flight


NY1 anchor Dominic Carter, the alleged wife-abusing secret family-having high-profile journalist, is going to start running into a lot of people who don’t like him. That’s what happens when you’re an alleged wife-abusing secret family-having high-profile journalist. And that’s just what happened yesterday at LaGuardia where Carter was booted off a Delta flight after bumping into a flight attendant.

This is how it went down: As the flight to Kansas City was preparing for take-off, Carter had to pee. On his way down the aisle he bent over to tie his shoe and in the process bumped into the flight attendant, who was not pleased. “This man deliberately slammed into me, I want him off the plane,” the flight attendant yelled. The cops were called, Carter and his wife were removed from the plane and questions were asked. Police decided not to file charges and blamed the altercation on the flight attendant. The airline later apologized, Carter said.

Sounds pretty annoying, but that’s what life is like for an alleged wife-abusing secret family-having high-profile journalist.

End to a very bad week: Troubled NY1 anchor Dominic Carter gets booted off jet at LaGuardia [NYDN]