Ed Koch Doesn’t Appreciate John Liu’s Snubbing of Mayor Bloomberg


Just a day after his less-than-spectacular victory over Bill Thompson, Mayor Bloomberg has already begun reaching out to two of his fiercest critics — public advocate Bill de Blasio and comptroller John Liu. Bloomberg grabbed a very public cup of coffee with De Blasio earlier this morning, but Liu, apparently, isn’t ready to make nice just yet. As the Times reported today, “when the mayor tried to meet with John C. Liu, the Democratic comptroller-elect, Mr. Liu said he could not find time on his schedule, a highly unusual slight.” Hizzoner is taking the snub in stride, though, telling reporters later this morning, “Well, he’s been very busy, but we’ll get together. You can rest assured that we will all work together.” Less forgiving was the last man to serve three terms as mayor, Ed Koch. “His effort to embarrass the mayor is outrageous,” Koch told us. “I don’t know if there is any way he can be held accountable except for the public to denounce him. The rudeness is incredible, and it’s a harbinger of his unwillingness to work with the mayor on the problems confronting the city.” When asked if he’d relay his thoughts directly to Liu, Koch told us, “The people who should be writing him letters are the people who voted for him.”