Ed Westwick Has Really Raised the Bar for Celebrity Sightings at Weddings


It’s a phenomenon that happens more than you’d think: You’re at a friend’s wedding, and out of the blue, there’s a celebrity! Holding your hand while you dance the hora! It’s usually surprising that your friends and relatives actually know famous people (though not always — Intel Chris recently sat behind Gavin Newsom at a Bay Area gay wedding, which was pretty unsurprising), but then there they are, enjoying the Venetian Hour. Recently, Intel Jessica C. ran into Bachelor Jason Mesnick, with Molly! Usually the celebrities try to remain low-key — but not Ed Westwick. The Gossip Girl star was snapped by photographers at the wedding of one of co-star and girlfriend Jessica Szohr’s pals. In the picture (which you can see bigger here), Ed is not only having his shirt taken off by other revelers, on the dance floor, in front of the bride, but it appears that another young gentleman is about to suck on his nipple. That, readers, is real generosity. And it got us thinking: Surely many of you have had celebrity sightings at weddings. If you have, could you please send us your pictures at intel@nymag.com? Full warning: We will share them with the world and make fun of them.

Ed Westwick Performs Shirtless Striptease at Wedding! [Us]