Shooting At Orlando Office Building


At least six* people have been shot at the Gateway Center, a sixteen-story office building in downtown Orlando. One of fifteen employees that came streaming out of the building in the aftermath told CNN affiliate WESH that just before the shooting, which occurred shortly before noon, “a former employee came into the office who hadn’t worked at the company in over a year.” The network is reporting that two of the victims are dead, and six have been injured. The shooter has not been found. [CNN]

Update: The shooter, who has been identified as Jason Rodriguez, 40, has been apprehended. Sgt. Barbara Jones of the Orlando police just said that he was found and arrested at his mother’s house, where they always go.
Update 2:* The tally is now one dead, five wounded.
Update 3: As reporters followed the captive Rodriguez, they asked him on camera why he did it. “They left me to rot,” he said.