E-mails With Pentagon Official Made Salahis Think They Were Invited to State Dinner


Maybe the world’s most hated party crashers aren’t the lying scumbags everyone is making them out to be. According to the Washington Post, the extensive investigation into how the hell Tareq and Michaele Salahi got into last week’s White House state dinner has turned up an e-mail exchange between Michaele and the Pentagon’s liaison to the White House. People who saw the e-mails say they support the Salahis argument that the couple was in fact invited.

Michele Jones, the woman on the other end of the e-mails, respectfully disagrees.

With such wildly different interpretations, it’s clear that someone is crazy. But is it Salahi, the Real Housewife of D.C., or Jones, “a decorated career military officer and army trailblazer”? We’ll have to wait until the emails become public to find out.

Salahis contacted Pentagon official about attending state dinner [Washington Post]