Five Gitmo Detainees, Including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, to Be Tried in New York


Five accused September 11 terrorists will be tried in New York City, according to federal officials, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the self-described “mastermind” of the attacks. They’ll be tried in civilian federal courts here at an unnamed time in the near future (Congress must be alerted 45 days in advance before any of Guantánamo detainees are moved). Federal officials also said that the terrorists accused in the attacks on the USS Cole will be tried in a military court. Normally when local lawmakers are faced with having a Guantánamo detainee transferred to their region there is a certain amount of uproar, but that has not been the case with New York — even with these terrorists who so nightmarishly wounded this very city. As Chuck Schumer put it: “Bottom line is we have had terrorists housed in New York before.”

Key 9/11 Suspect to Be Tried in New York [NYT]