Fox News Just Can’t Get That Crowd Footage Right


Yesterday, as Fox News host Gregg Jarrett proclaimed that Sarah Palin was “continuing to draw huge crowds” on her book tour, clips of very large crowds cheering for Palin rolled onscreen. “These are some of the pictures just coming in to us,” Jarrett said as the footage played. Yeah, just coming in to you … over a year ago! As Think Progress seems to have first noticed, Fox had actually used footage from rallies that took place during the presidential campaign. This “production error,” which reportedly may result in some disciplinary action at Fox News, comes at a bad time for the channel — it was only a week ago that Sean Hannity was forced to apologize after The Daily Show caught him using scenes from the 9/12 Tea Party protest while talking about the turnout at Michele Bachmann’s decidedly less massive “Super Bowl of freedom.” Weird how both these innocuous mistakes just happened to foster an inflated perception of the attendance at Republican events.

FOX rolls wrong video, heads may roll [Swamp/Chicago Tribune]
Update: Fox news apologizes for using the misleading footage, calling it a mistake.